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Acupressure points for relief from Fainting

Apply deep, probing pressure with fingertip, knuckle or soft-pointed object, such as a pencil eraser.

WARNING: Please consider seeking urgent medical attention if you are experiencing severe symptoms (in the U.S.A., call 911 for emergency help)

Acupoint 10: LU-11

Just behind the thumbnail, on the side opposite the fingers

TCM: Lung 11

Acupoint 11: HE-7

On the largest crease of the inner wrist, on a line with the little finger

TCM: Heart 7

Fainting, also known as syncope, is a temporary loss of conciousness or ability to focus on needed tasks. Fainting can result from a loss of blood supply to the brain, can be a sign of a serious underlying problem, and should be discussed with a qualified health care practitioner, especially if frequent, recurring or persistent. In addition to these acupressure points, you may want to try points for the head, breathing, dizziness, or lightheadedness.

If you have not found relief, try the same points on the opposite side of the body, or go back and try a related or similar symptom or body area. If you have not used acupressure before, please see the Instructions, then click the "Body Area" or "A-Z" tab and repeat.

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