An angle on bunions

A bunion is a swelling, usually located on the first toe joint, caused by an inflamed or irritated bursa, the sac protecting the joint. The underlying cause of most bunions is hallux valgus, a misalignment of the toe bones. The metatarsal bone points outward and the phalanges point inward.

A bunion can be a source of pain and hallux valgus widens the foot, making shoe wear increasingly difficult. Small bunions should be treated conservatively using well-fitting shoes and special toe pads or corrective socks which hold the toe in place. If the bunion gets larger, the pain becomes unbearable or shoe wear becomes difficult, surgery can remove the bunion and straighten the toe bones.


Text and illustrations by Kevin T. Boyd

Acupressure for foot pain
Here are lists of acupressure points for Foot pain, on PointFinder.org.
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