Celiac sprue

Celiac sprue

Celiac sprue disease

The wall of the small intestine is made up of several layers. The innermost layer, the mucosa, contains many tiny projections called villi. The villi are filled with blood and lymph systems that normally absorb essential nutrients.

But gluten in the diet of a person with celiac sprue somehow damages the mucosa and the villi, almost always in the duodenum and jejunum. This can result in poor absorption of important nutrients, leading to a number of illnesses.

Loss of iron, folate and/or vitamin B12 leads to anemia. Lack of calcium may lead to osteopenia (bone brittling) or tetany (body-wide muscle cramps). Other problems include diarrhea, weight loss and fat in the stool.

In severe cases, nutritional depletion can cause swelling, skin infections, mouth ulcers, absence of menstrual periods, impotence, infertility, nerve pain, bone and joint pain and night blindness.

Large intestine
Small intestine:
Mucosal layer

Text and illustrations by Kevin T. Boyd

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