The front of the eye is filled with a fluid called aqueous humor. It is produced inside the eye by the cilliary body and flows outward at a steady rate. Normally the fluid passes through the iris and into a channel at the angle between the iris and the cornea. It drains from this channel into the bloodstream. If this channel is blocked – suddenly, gradually or at birth – the pressure builds. Too much pressure can damage the nerves and blood vessels that feed the part of the eye that gives vision.

Acute glaucoma causes pain in and around the eye. Vision is disturbed and sometimes a halo can be seen around bright lights. The eye can redden and nausea and vomiting can occur.

Glaucoma is common among the elderly, but can affect younger people as well. It can be treated successfully, if detected early. Ask your doctor if you should be tested, even if you aren’t currently experiencing any symptoms.

Aqueous humor
Drainage channel
Vitreous humor
Cilliary body

Text and illustrations by Kevin T. Boyd

Acupressure for eyes
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