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Acupressure points for relief from Hyperventilation

Apply deep, probing pressure with fingertip, knuckle or soft-pointed object, such as a pencil eraser.

Acupoint 14: LU-5

On the crease of the inside of the elbow, on the thumb side

TCM: Lung 5

Hyperventilation happens when you breathe out more than you breathe in, usually while breathing very fast. It usually happens because of emotions getting away from us. In addition to this acupressure point, you may want to try points for freaking out, breath control or the lungs.

If you have not found relief, try the same points on the opposite side of the body, or go back and try a related or similar symptom or body area. If you have not used acupressure before, please see the Instructions, then click the "Body Area" or "A-Z" tab and repeat.

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