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Trigeminal nerualgia

Acupressure points for pain, discomfort or other symptoms of Trigeminal nerualgia

Apply deep, probing pressure with fingertip, knuckle or soft-pointed object, such as a pencil eraser.

Acupoint 24: M-HN-4

Just below or inside the eyebrow, near the middle; feel for a notch in the eyebrow ridge; point should be just slightly above this

TCM: Extra, Head-neck 4

Acupoint 29: SJ-17

On the back of the jawbone, just below the ear

TCM: Triple Warmer 17

Acupoint 32: LI-20

On the cheek, next to the outside of the nostril

TCM: Large Intestine 20

If you have not found relief, try the same points on the opposite side of the body, or go back and try a related or similar symptom or body area. If you have not used acupressure before, please see the Instructions, then click the "Body Area" or "A-Z" tab and repeat.

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